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Career Vision Work Values Survey
Directions: Below is a list of six work values and descriptions of the types of work activities and work environments
associated with each value. Rank each value according to importance by placing a number in the box on the
right (1 = most important to you; 6 = least important to you). You might find it helpful to think about
what you know about different kinds of jobs from previous experience, school activities, and from talking with others.
Be sure to rank-order all of the values so that each has a different number from 1 - 6, and do not leave any blank.
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If Achievement is your highest work value, look for jobs that let you use your best abilities. Look for work where you can see the results of your efforts. Explore jobs where you can get the feeling of accomplishment.
If Independence is your highest work value, look for jobs where they let you do things on your own initiative. Explore work where you can make decisions on your own.
If Recognition is your highest work value, explore jobs with good possibilities for advancement. Look for work with prestige or with the potential for leadership.
If Relationships is your highest work value, look for jobs where your co-workers are friendly. Look for work that lets you be of service to others. Explore jobs that do not make you do anything that goes against your sense of right and wrong.
If Support is your highest work value, look for jobs where the company stands behind its workers and where the workers are comfortable with management's style of supervision. Explore work in companies with a reputation for competent, considerate, and fair management.
 Working Conditions
If Working Conditions is your highest work value, consider pay, job security, and good working conditions when looking at jobs. Look for work that suits your work style. Some people like to be busy all the time, or work alone, or have many different things to do. Explore jobs where you can take best advantage of your particular work style.

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The above descriptions consist of verbatim values summaries from the 'What your work values mean' section of the O*NETTM Work Importance LocatorTM Score Report. O*NETTM is a trademark of the U.S. Department of Labor,
Employment and Training Administration

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